The Servant Team is Cru at Virginia Tech’s student leadership team. They help plan and carry out outreaches and events throughout the year and seek to give all their fellow Hokies an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel.

If you’re wondering where you might be able to serve within Cru, joining one of these servant teams would be a great place to start.


Servant Team Directors

Donovan Campbell & Ashley Burris

The Servant Team directors are in charge of leading the Servant Team and the movement of Cru as a whole. They lead the men’s & women’s movements and training activities.

Cru Team

Thomas Super & Lindsey Flanagan

Cru Team runs and prepares Cru meetings that are inviting, rewarding on a spiritual and social level, and inspire genuine worship.


Jeromy Stallard & Elisa George

The Cru Emcees are in charge of facilitating the weekly meeting schedule. They set the tone of the meetings, provide transitions between segments, and engage the audience.


Bridges Team 

Nathan Folta & Rachel VanLandingham

Bridges Team is in charge of reaching out to international students on campus and cultivating a heart for outreach


Community Team

Josh Rector & Emily Warren

Community Team plans and organizes events to build community within the movement. Their goal is to encourage authentic and intentional relationships that reflect Christ to the campus of Virginia Tech. Also, they strive to make sure that our focus remains on Christ while we’re hanging out and having fun.


Prayer Team 

Jon Cooper & Kori Wills

Prayer Team’s purpose is to instill a passion for prayer through community prayer in hopes to cultivate an individual passion for prayer. Also for an understanding of God’s provision through prayer.


World Team

Christian Diamanty

World Team helps to provide the movement with awareness, knowledge, and a heart for the world. They are aimed to bring awareness and a passion for overseas missions through skits, videos, international dinners, posters, and movies nights.


Outreach Team

Austin Eddins & Jules Beisser

Outreach Team’s vision is to have every student on campus know someone who knows Christ through genuine, intentional, relational evangelism.


Resource Development Team

Rachel Simmons

The Resource Team is in charge of raising money for Cru and Cru events. They spread the gospel through fund-raising events across the whole campus and develop long-term financial partners with other ministries.


Worship Team

Britton Lee

The Worship Team leads Cru through praise and worship. Every week they help Cru connect with God through song.


Media Team

Ben Kernstine & Emily Causey

The Media Team produces cutting edge media to promote the gospel within the Cru movement and the whole campus.


Communication Team

Michelle Tieman

Communication Team keeps you updated on what is happening in Cru.  Whether it be weekly e-mails, Google calendar, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – you can always count on being informed.


Production Team

Nolan McGrady

Cru has a lot of equipment that we use for our large group meeting, parties, and conferences and retreats. The Production Team is in charge of setting up and tearing down that equipment across all our events, as well as helping keep all the equipment work well. Our goal is to ensure that the gospel can be clearly seen, heard, and understood through our equipment.