Cru at Virginia Tech

A caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus


Welcome to Cru!

Welcome! We are glad you are here. Because each of our lives have been radically transformed by Jesus Christ, we want to give every student at Virginia Tech and southwestern Virginia the opportunity to know Him and grow in Him. We have many avenues in place where you can discover God’s love for you. We hope you will check us out!


We like to say that Cru at Virginia Tech is a community where the gospel captures hearts, transforms lives, and launches men and women into a life-long adventure with Jesus Christ.


Whether you are a follower of Jesus, curious about Christian teachings, or not really interested in spiritual things at all, we would love to welcome you into this community.


Join us at one of our conferences and retreats, come to a weekly large group meeting in Squires Colonial, or get involved with one of our community groups. We would love to have you!