• One Church, Many Tribesby Richard Twiss

    • In this book, Twiss relates the pain of the Native people and, specifically, the marginalization and rejection of Native culture within the Church

  • Being White: Finding our Place in a Multi-ethnic Worldby Paula Harris and Doug Schaupp

    • A great resource to begin understanding what it means to see white culture, to understand the implications of a majority culture, to understand an introductory definition of “white evangelical”. If you’ve never considered race before or come from a background promoting “not seeing color” you should probably start here

  • Let Justice Roll Downby John Perkins

    • The story of one of the foremost black pastors engaging race and the gospel in the deep south during and following desegregation. Heart-rending and eye-opening to the realities of a history and system of racism as it affects individuals and communities in our nation

  • Generous Justice by Tim Keller

    • It is commonly thought in secular society that the Bible is one of the greatest hindrances to doing justice. Isn’t it full of regressive views? Didn’t it condone slavery? Why look to the Bible for guidance on how to have a more just society? Tim Keller helps us understand the Bible as a fundamental source for promoting justice and compassion for those in need and explores a life of justice empowered by an experience of grace: a generous, gracious justice.





    • There's a videos page that contains talks given in the series. We specifically recommend talk #4 that explains the heart of the #blacklivesmatter movement.

Pastors of Color to Know