• One Church, Many Tribesby Richard Twiss
    • In this book, Twiss relates the pain of the Native people and, specifically, the marginalization and rejection of Native culture within the Church
  • Being White: Finding our Place in a Multi-ethnic Worldby Paula Harris and Doug Schaupp
    • A great resource to begin understanding what it means to see white culture, to understand the implications of a majority culture, to understand an introductory definition of “white evangelical”. If you’ve never considered race before or come from a background promoting “not seeing color” you should probably start here
  • Let Justice Roll Downby John Perkins
    • The story of one of the foremost black pastors engaging race and the gospel in the deep south during and following desegregation. Heart-rending and eye-opening to the realities of a history and system of racism as it affects individuals and communities in our nation



    • There's a videos page that contains talks given in the series. We specifically recommend talk #4 that explains the heart of the #blacklivesmatter movement.

Pastors of Color to Know