*Info for updated 2018-2019 women's groups is currently being updated and will appear here over the course of the first few weeks of classes as groups settle on their specific times, dates, and locations for meeting. Thanks for your patience!*


Leader(s): Location of group: Day & Time Year
Tori & Megan Squires 3rd floor Tues 7:30pm Freshmen
Jordann & Autumn Pritchard TBD Freshmen
Emily & Erica Payne study lounge Weds 7pm Freshmen
Taylor & Anah West AJ/East AJ/Cochrane TBD Freshmen
Anna & Jessie Harper Lounge Weds 7:30 Freshmen
Lucy & Allie Lee TBD Freshmen
Allison & Bethany Squires 2nd floor Mon 7:30pm Freshmen
Carolyn & Elisa Squires Sun 7pm Freshmen
Becca & Sarah Campbells TBD Freshmen
Skylar & Maddie TBD TBD Sophomores
Hailee & Morgan Hunters Ridge and Foxridge Weds 6:15pm Sophomores
Toni & Rachel West AJ lobby Mon 7pm Sophomores
Carly & Megan TBD TBD Sophomores
Laura & Aryn Oak Manor Tues 7pm Sophomores
Katelin Echol's Villege Weds 5:45pm Sophomores
Meekhol Off campus Tues 7pm Juniors
Rhiannon & Amanda TBD TBD Juniors
Melanie & Kristin 703 Progress St NE Weds 6pm Juniors
Lisa & Laura TBD TBD Seniors