*Info for updated 2018-2019 men's groups is currently being updated and will appear here over the course of the first few weeks of classes as groups settle on their specific times, dates, and locations for meeting. Thanks for your patience!*


Leader(s) Location of group: Day & Time Year
Matthew & Jeromy Slusher/Campbells TBD Freshmen
Ryan & Zeb PY 2nd floor kitchen lounge Weds 8:30pm Freshmen
Joseph & Zachary Miles TBD Freshmen
Adam & Jon West AJ TBD Freshmen
Joseph & Josh Pritchard TBD Freshmen
John & Jordan Barringer 2nd floor kitchen Tues 8pm Freshmen
Seyi & Britton West AJ near ball pit Weds 9pm Freshmen
Louis & Andrew Main Eggleston Weds 8pm Freshmen
Thomas & Adam Harper Hall Lounge Tues 7pm Freshmen
Donovan & Christian Pritchard TBD Freshmen
Thomas & Nolan Lee Hall 2nd floor by main door Tues 8:30pm Freshmen
Sam & Dylan Off campus - Clover Valley Weds 7pm Sophomores
Caleb & Loren TBD TBD Sophomores
Jacob Off campus - The Village West Sun 8:30pm Sophomores
Chris & AJ TBD TBD Sophomores
Josh & Byron Foxridge - 3900 Richmond Ln Apt B Tues 8pm Sophomores
Misganaw & John TBD TBD Sophomores
Sean & Daniel 10400 Blue Ridge Dr. Apt.E and G Weds 7:30pm Juniors
Will & Jack Off campus Weds 5:30pm Juniors
Nate & David TBD TBD Juniors
Daniel & Noel TBD TBD Juniors
Adam Cru office Tues 8pm Seniors
Trey Northstar Reserve Mon 7:30pm Seniors